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Sources: Denver Broncos Want John Elway In Front Office, Interested In Texans' Kubiak

According to an report, the NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi reports that the Denver Broncos will approach all-time great and former Denver Broncos quarterback, John Elway, about joining the front office:

Sources close to the Broncos told NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi that the team is expected to approach former Broncos Super Bowl hero John Elway for a front-office position and that if Gary Kubiak were available, he would be the team’s first choice to coach the team next season.

Hiring Elway to be part of the front office would be a huge move toward bringing back the fan base with the Josh McDaniels era over. He would provide instant credibility to fans who long for the glory days of the Denver Broncos competing for Super Bowl victories.

Would the Broncos be interested in looking to the past for their next head coach? Gary Kubiak, currently the Houston Texans’ head coach, was Mike Shanahan’s offensive coordinator with the Broncos for over a decade. Kubiak became the Texans’ head coach in 2006 and led the team to a franchise-best 9-7 season in 2009. The Texans are currently 5-7 this season. The Texans would need to fire Kubiak for the Broncos to pursue him.