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NFL Power Rankings Week 17: Broncos Improve Slightly In SB Nation NFL Power Rankings

In the latest SB Nation NFL Power Rankings, the Denver Broncos moved up from dead last (No. 32) to No. 29 following their 24-23 victory over the Houston Texans. Joel Thorman is ready to believe that Tim Tebow is the future long-term quarterback for the Broncos:

Tim Tebow is the future? After Sunday's game, I can see that argument.

It appears as though the Broncos' new head coach will need to be "in" on Tebow rather than will Tebow be "in" with the new coach.

The Carolina Panthers, who secured the first overall pick, fell to No. 32. The San Francisco 49ers joined the Denver Broncos, the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings in firing their head coach during the season. The dropped to No. 31. The Buffalo Bills, 4-11 like the Broncos, lost to the Patriots and took spot No. 30.

The Houston Texans fell out of the top 20 and seven spots to No. 25. The San Diego Chargers (No. 15) and the Oakland Raiders (No. 18) fall into the middle of the league. The AFC West champion Kansas City Chiefs entered the top 10 this week at No. 9. The New York Giants and the Chargers were the two teams to drop out of the top 10.

The New England Patriots remain the team to be, taking the top spot once again. The New Orleans Saints took the No. 2 spot from the Atlanta Falcons after defeating them on Monday night. The Falcons dropped to No. 5.