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Vote Broncos' Tim Tebow NFL Rookie Of The Week

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow had quite a Sunday against the Oakland Raiders, didn't he? It didn't start off well after an interception in the end zone, but by the end of the game Tebow had his first victory and his first fourth quarter comeback. He also had a 308 yards passing, a passing touchdown and a rushing touchdown.

That performance has placed Tebow among five others for the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week award. He previously won this award following his two-touchdown performance against the Kansas City Chiefs in November. It's safe to say that Tebow had a much better performance this time around.

Tebow's competitors for this vote are Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry (INT for a touchdown), Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden (sack, forced fumble, INT), St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford (292 passing yards, touchdown, rookie record for completions) and Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joe Webb (led team to victory over the Philadelphia Eagles).

My orange and blue glasses show me Tim Tebow as the choice for this week's Rookie of the Week award.

Vote Tebow now.