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NFL Power Rankings Week 17: Will The Kansas City Chiefs Move Into The Top 10?

The NFL's week 16 has not ended yet because we still have the Minnesota Vikings-Philadelphia Eagles game tonight (Tuesday). That's why SB Nation will unveil its latest power rankings on Wednesday; however, Joel Thorman offers a small preview of what to expect when they are released.

Should the Eagles win tonight, Thorman hints that Philly could take the No. 2 spot behind the New England Patriots because of the Falcons' loss to the Saints on Monday night. Or maybe the Ravens, Saints or Steelers will take the spot.

The Kansas City Chiefs, who defeated the Titans over the weekend, secured the AFC West and should move into the top 10 after being No. 11 last week. But will that be enough to hold off the Colts and the Packers? Both teams currently hold a playoff spot in their respective conferences.

The San Diego Chargers will lose the No. 9 spot after dropping their game to the Cincinnati Bengals, but how far will they fall? At least they'll be above the Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos.