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2011 NFL Draft: John Elway Calls Andrew Luck 'Best Football Player In Draft'

While the Denver Broncos and John Elway continue to work on the former quarterback's role within the organization, Stanford quarterback prospect Andrew Luck already has Elway as a big supporter. Elway played for the Stanford Cardinal from 1979-1982 and then went No. 1 overall to the Baltimore Colts in 1983 before a trade to the Denver Broncos in May. Elway was the third No. 1 pick out of Stanford, the other two being quarterbacks Bobby Garrett (1954) and Jim Plunkett (1971). Can Andrew Luck become the fourth No. 1 overall selection from Stanford?


In comments to the Denver Post, Elway makes it sound as though he'd take Luck with the first overall pick. Mike Klis points out, though, that Elway made those comments as a fan and not as a Broncos executive. Still, Elway specifically mentions Tim Tebow in his answer, saying that there would be a difficult choice should the No. 1 pick come the Broncos' way.


This is something we should all keep an eye on over the coming months. If the Broncos have the chance to draft Luck, an underclassman, Elway may just be the guy leading that charge. Draft speculation, don't you love it?