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How Well Did John Elway Do In His First Start For The Denver Broncos?

If reports hold true, the Denver Broncos will start rookie quarterback Tim Tebow over injured Kyle Orton against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday afternoon. It will be Tebow's first career NFL start. This start has been the most anticipated one in Denver since 1983 when John Elway made his debut.


How did Elway do in his debut? Well, I wasn't even born yet, but I do remember seeing video of the great one lining up behind a guard instead of the center to receive the snap. It was a Sept. 4 game on the road against the Pittsburgh Steelers, back when the team from the Steel City played at Three Rivers Stadium. Besides lining up under the wrong offensive lineman, Elway was 1-of-8 for 14 yards and an interception. He was also sacked four times. Steve DeBerg also appeared, completing 50 percent of his passes (4-of-8) for 35 yards and a touchdown. Running back Sammy Winder added a rushing touchdown to give the Broncos a 14-10 win.


It was a brutal start for Elway, no other way to put it. How will Tebow do against the Raiders in Oakland?