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Fantasy Football Projections Lowered For Kyle Orton, Brandon Lloyd, But Look Good For Darren McFadden, Knowshon Moreno

Fantasy football owners may want to look for different options at quarterback and wide receiver if they have been starting the Denver BroncosKyle Orton and Brandon Lloyd. Orton has played nothing like the quarterback who had four straight games of 20-plus points earlier in the season, nor is he the one who put up 27 and 25 points in games after the bye week. Brandon Lloyd has been the victim of Orton’s decline in play as well as being taken seriously as a No. 1 wide receiver threat.

According to’s fantasy rankings, Kyle Orton is the No. 19 quarterback this week and has a projected 13 points (241 yards and one touchdown pass). That may be overly optimistic on their projections system. Orton is going into hostile territory after two bad games and has a sore arm. This doesn’t sound like a good combination.

His Oakland Raiders counterpart, Jason Campbell, put up 20 points against Jacksonville last week and will have the security of running back Darren McFadden. McFadden put up a monster 38 points last week and will face the Broncos rushing defense, one of the worst in the league. He did have 165 yards and three touchdowns in the Raider’s blowout victory over the Broncos earlier this season. That game he had 43 points. Under no circumstances should anyone sit McFadden.

The Broncos’ Knowshon Moreno has produced most of the team’s offense lately and he’ll be counted on heavily this weekend. He has averaged 17 points over the last five games and should be good for that amount for a sixth time in a row.

The surprise player this week could be Oakland tight end Zach Miller, who had been exceptional earlier in the season but then couldn’t stay healthy for several weeks. He put up six points after a 68-yard game last Sunday and will be a good choice for Jason Campbell to find this weekend.