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Sexual Assault Charges Against Broncos' Perrish Cox Carry Up To Life Sentence

While many details in Perrish Cox's sexual assault case remain sealed, the New York Times reports that the nature of the charges could result in life in prison if convicted:

A portion of the case unsealed by a Douglas County judge Tuesday shows the sexual assault charges are Class 3 and Class 4 felonies, which carry a sentence of between two years to life in prison. They involve a helpless victim.

Life in prison is only a possibility if Cox is convicted, but should he receive a lesser sentence probation would be required for a period of time or for life.

Also, more information on when the possible assault took place has emerged. Originally it was reported that the supposed incident was reported on Oct. 28, which led to speculation that this occurred while Cox was recovering from a concussion while his teammates were in London. We now learn that the alleged incident took place on Sept. 6, almost two months earlier.

Along with Associated Press, the Denver Post and the New York Times plan to seek further information on the charges against Cox.

A rookie cornerback, Perrish Cox played in Sunday's game against the Cardinals, only two days after his arrest.