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Eric Studesville Press Conference: Tim Tebow Must Wait, Kyle Orton Will Start Next Sunday

On Monday, Denver interim head coach Eric Studesville proclaimed Kyle Orton the starter for this coming Sunday's game on the road against the Oakland Raiders. Andrew Mason of tweets:

Asked why he wouldn't start Tim Tebow, he said "That's not where we're at this particular second." #Broncosless than a minute ago via TweetDeck


This sounds just like something Josh McDaniels would have said had he still been coach of the Denver Broncos. Not starting Tebow is doing the young quarterback more of a disservice than anything else.

Kyle Orton just isn't right any longer. He has played well up until his last two games. In those two contests, Orton is 28 of 69 (40.58 percent completion rate) for 283 yards and three interceptions. Those interceptions all came in Sunday's loss to the Cardinals. They weren't even tips or anything. The balls went straight into the waiting hands of Cardinals defensive players.

It's long past time to say that Kyle Orton gives the Broncos the best chance to win. He clearly hasn't shown any of that over the last two weeks.

But for all we know, Studesville and the Broncos organization may want to keep Tebow from starting the first game of his career on the road in the black hole of Oakland. Tebow was close to entering Sunday's game after it appeared Kyle Orton was knocked out with a rib injury. Tebow warmed up and was throwing balls on the sidelines, but it turned out to be a false alarm. Orton re-entered the game.

Those chants of "We want Tebow" only grew louder as the game went on.