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Tim Tebow Discusses Josh McDaniels, Urban Meyer, Heisman Trophy

Tim Tebow spoke to the media earlier today on a wide-ranging set of topics. While Josh McDaniels is no longer the head coach, Tebow is "very excited to be a Denver Bronco" and "excited about the future," even with the change in coaches. He "definitely wanted to make him [McDaniels] look good" for drafting him, but he still "feels blessed" for being a Denver Bronco.

When Perrish Cox's arrest became the topic of conversation, Tebow avoided saying too much and decided to have no comment on the issue.

The reporters then turned to Tebow's college head coach, Urban Meyer, who resigned as the Florida Gators coach earlier this week. Tebow offered praise and respect to Meyer for "having the courage" to make that decision. When asked if he thought Meyer would end up in Denver, Tebow laughed it off and said that he doesn't think so. He believes Meyer really wants to spend time with his family.

Tebow also discussed the Heisman Trophy, which will be reward on Saturday, Dec. 11. Tebow won the 2007 Heisman, and was the first sophomore to win the award. He now votes for the Heisman Trophy winner. While he declined to say who he voted for, Tebow did say that he only took into account what a player does on the field and how valuable he is to his team. Is that a hint that Tebow voted for Auburn quarterback Cam Newton?

To close out the session, Tebow reiterated that he is excited to play for the Broncos and looks forward to playing for interim coach Eric Studesville.