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Broncos Coach Eric Studesville On Perrish Cox's Alleged Sexual Assault

Denver Broncos interim head coach Eric Studesville spoke to the media earlier today on Perrish Cox's arrest for alleged sexual assault. He called it, "A situation we take very, very seriously." He reiterated that the organization is gathering all the facts and other necessary information to determine future decisions concerning Cox.

While the alleged sexual assault was first reported on Oct. 28, Studesville said that Friday morning was the first he had heard of this incident. He did not go into further detail on the matter.

When asked how he felt about this incident emerging only two, three days after his elevation to head coach, Studesville stressed, "This is completely separate from football." It is a "serious matter" that should have no bearing on his new position with the Broncos. Personally, however, Studesville told the media that this was "disappointing news" so early into the job.

When asked about changing the demeanor of the team, Studesville said that it is up to owner Pat Bowlen to determine how this team goes forward.

Toward the end of the press conference, Studesville reiterated that the team still needs to evaluate cornerback Andre Goodman and safety Darcel McBath on Friday, though both have had limited participation in practice this week.