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NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Denver Broncos Stay Put In SB Nation Rankings

Even after another loss, the Denver Broncos stayed put in SB Nation’s latest NFL Power Rankings at No. 27. It seems that the Broncos fourth quarter comeback attempt showed that the team still has some fight in the. However, Joel Thorman observes in his Broncos write-up:

The Rams walked into Invesco Field and jumped out to a big lead before holding off a Denver comeback. This team has zero consistency.

Except losing. That’s one thing the Broncos are consistent at this season. Of course, they aren’t as consistent as losing as the Carolina Panthers (1-10) are so far.

The rest of the AFC West appears in the middle third of the rankings. The Oakland Raiders check in at No. 19 and could keep moving down if they play more duds like they have the last two weeks. The AFC West-leading Kansas City Chiefs are No. 13 and have a pivotal game against the San Diego Chargers on Dec. 12. The Chargers, No. 11, should move up into the top third of the rankings next week if they defeat the Oakland Raiders.

The AFC West is looking more and more to be the Chargers’ to lose.