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Which Is Worse: Colorado Buffaloes Collapse Against Kansas Jayhawks Or Denver Broncos Home Loss To Raiders?

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With the Colorado Buffaloes fourth-quarter collapse to the Kansas Jayhawks in the books, football fans in Colorado are left scratching their heads. It's been a tough season for both the Buffaloes and the Denver Broncos. Which is the worse loss: the Buffaloes' debacle today against Kansas or the Broncos' 45-point home loss to the Raiders. In the former, the Jayhawks scored 35 points in the fourth quarter to overcome a 28-point deficit. In the latter, the Broncos saw the Oakland Raiders score 24 points in the first quarter and then 21 points in the third quarter.


Whatever anyone believes is the correct answer, CU head coach Dan Hawkins must be feeling an enormous amount of apprehension over his future with the Buffs. His tenure as head coach of the Buffs is just about at rope's end. Will it happen now or will he be able to finish out the season?