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Josh McDaniels Says His Job Status Isn't In His Control

The Denver Broncos haven’t been great this season, compiling a 3-8 record on the field and a $50,000 fine off the field under second-year head coach Josh McDaniels. It certainly didn’t help matters when the Broncos were defeated by the St. Louis Rams over the weekend, either.

Still, McDaniels told the Associated Press that his job status isn’t something he’s worrying about.

“It’s not, you know, not my decision, not something that’s in my control,” McDaniels said of his job status. “I’m just going to worry about what I can focus on and try to control the things that I can control.”

Essentially, it doesn’t sound as if he’s trying to make any excuses for the team’s performance this season.

“The one thing I can do is control the things that I can control and focus on what I can focus on and do my job and live the right way and do the right things and try to continue to do that with our football team, and try to provide a positive influence and a positive source of leadership for this team and this organization.”

The Broncos will go on the road to play the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday.