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Tim Tebow: Should He Start For The Denver Broncos?

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The Denver Broncos are not a good football team. The Denver Broncos are 3-7 with Kyle Orton under center. Tim Tebow should be starting games for the Broncos to see what he can do.

Or so that's how the reasoning goes by proponents of the "Start Tebow" crowd. The "Keep Playing Orton" segment of the fan base believes Tebow is not ready to lead an NFL offense. As Joel Thorman observed over at

It's an interesting discussion because there's no clear-cut answer and it's the type of question fans across the league ask themselves when their team is mired in a 3-7 season.

This comes after he observed post-game comments by fans over at Mile High Report.

It looks as though head coach Josh McDaniels is going to play Kyle Orton for as long as he can. When the Broncos were down 35-7 to the Chargers, McDaniels did not put Tim Tebow in there to quarterback the team to some points. And we already know McDaniels said it wasn't time for Tebow to play when the Broncos were blown out by the Raiders, 59-14. There is no right time for McDaniels to play Tebow in a meaningful situation.

If he keeps muddling on a decision to play Tebow, McDaniels may just wind up letting his successor answer the Tebow debate.