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Brad Childress Fired By Minnesota Vikings; Denver Broncos Held The Line With Coach Josh McDaniels

The Minnesota Vikings fired head coach Brad Childress on Monday afternoon after the team began the season with a 3-7 record. This came on the heels of losing a divisional game to the Green Bay Packers, 31-3. But that's not all of it. There was the Randy Moss ordeal, which ran its course in only a few weeks. And the Brett Favre saga continued with allegations arising over inappropriate conduct with Jenn Sterger while he was on the New York Jets.


In the end, the Vikings decided Childress was the one to take the axe for this debacle of a season, a year after being a win away from making the Super Bowl.


After tonight, the Denver Broncos may have the same 3-7 record the Vikings do, but don't expect Josh McDaniels to be shown the way out should that happen. A 59-14 loss at home to the Oakland Raiders didn't lead owner Pat Bowlen to dismiss McDaniels. A loss in London to the San Francisco 49ers didn't move McDaniels to the unemployment line.


The Broncos don't have a prima donna quarterback who acts as though he is bigger than the league. The Broncos don't have a temperamental wide receiver who, while blessed with incredible talent, fails to to utilize it all the time on the field. In the end, it appears as though the Broncos will weather the storm for the rest of the season, no matter how it turns out.