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Broncos Vs. Chargers: Mike Tolbert Starts The Trash Talking

San Diego running back Mike Tolbert wasted no team in providing the Denver Broncos with some choice sound bytes prior to their Monday night contest.

Their demeanor. Ever since they've gotten a new coach, their demeanor is high and mighty and we want to knock them off their high horse," Tolbert said. "Everybody calls us one of the most talented teams in the NFL and we want to go out and prove it every Sunday. This time we get to do it on Monday in front of millions and millions of people.

Tolbert will most likely be starting for a Chargers team that is facing a rising number of injuries. He and quarterback Phillip Rivers will need to be mistake free against a Bronco team that has shown a pretty consistent ability to put up some points. People can argue whether or not a little trash talk can help a professional team find a little extra motivation in a divisional match-up like this, but it certainly can't help the Chargers case at all.