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Sunday Selection, NFL Week 8: Denver Broncos Vs. San Francisco 49ers (London, England)

Today will be a more telling game for the Denver Broncos than last week's game against the Raiders. We'll see how the Broncos respond to adversity after suffering that embarrassing, humiliating loss at home. It's going to be rainy during game time, which could lead to a heavy dose of the running game for both teams. That may benefit the Niners more, because Troy Smith is making his first start at quarterback in place of injured Alex Smith. Frank Gore would benefit greatly from this, but Knowshon Moreno is still iffy at the position. Will coach Josh McDaniels want to be conservative with Moreno despite not listing him on the injury report?


Prediction: Broncos 27, Niners 10


In the end, I believe the Broncos will come out with the intensity they were missing last week. The rainy conditions may not make this a high-scoring affair, but the Broncos will be hungry for points on the board. Kyle Orton won't throw for over 300 yards, but he'll avoid throwing a key interception early in the game.