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Pat Bowlen, Joe Ellis Silent On Broncos After Debacle Against Raiders

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Broncos owner Pat Bowlen and Broncos Chief Operating Office Joe Ellis have yet to speak out on Sunday's embarrassing loss to the Raiders. They may not say anything about it, and by Sunday afternoon everything starts anew with a game against the San Francisco 49ers.


The Denver Post offers a reason on why neither Bowlen nor Ellis have said anything:

Perhaps Bowlen and Ellis understand no matter what they say, their words would only inflame the raw emotions that exist after the Broncos' historic blowout loss to their most detested rival.

The fan base is already angry enough that anything the two could say would just lead to more backlash against the team. Sort of like a "Fire Josh McDaniels blog" receiving a ton of traffic. I'm sure such a blog exists, but who knows if it has staying power. A "Fire The Monforts" didn't last long in 2007 when the Rockies made it to the World Series.