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Josh McDaniels: 'Not Really The Time' For Tim Tebow To Play

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As last night's rather unscientific poll told us last night, over 80 percent of voters so far believe head coach Josh McDaniels should have played Tim Tebow as a true quarterback yesterday. I agree with the results, especially after reading McDaniels' explanation as to why he didn't use Tebow on Sunday:

"We were just trying to run our offense and made a decision not to do that in that kind of a game," Mc-Daniels said. "That's not really the time that I'd want him to get work, anyway."

What time should Tebow get into the game playing the role of the on-field general? In games where the Broncos are winning? Nope, just as part of the Tebow package. In games where the Broncos are at least competitive with the competition? Again, the Tebow package. Blowouts and such? As witnessed yesterday and heard in McDaniels' words, not the time for that. If not then, when?

What if the Broncos were winning by over 40 points entering the final quarter of play? That seems like the plausible answer, but one that is as a remote as seeing a Tunguska-like event in the next couple of months.

Rather, it seems that Josh McDaniels was damned if he did and damned if he didn't play Tebow yesterday. If Tebow even played halfway decent yesterday, there would be talks of a quarterback controversy in Denver. When he didn't, the question became, should Tebow have played? Either way McDaniels was going to answer distracting questions.

Even though I question the decision to not play Tebow in the game, I won't go so far as calling him "McDaniels' last salvation," as Mark Kiszla does. Well, not yet anyway.