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Should Josh McDaniels Have Used Tim Tebow At Some Point In Loss To Raiders?

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With the Denver Broncos far out of contention in today's game against the Oakland Raiders, should head coach Josh McDaniels have put Tim Tebow into the game in the fourth quarter? It's an interesting question that hopefully someone will ask Josh McDaniels soon. There are both pros and cons to such a move. One con is that, in Herm Edwards' words, "you play to win the game." For better or worse, the Broncos still needed to play as though they could win this game. Putting Tim Tebow into the game would have been a sign that the Broncos weren't even trying anymore, one could argue. Also, the Tim Tebow package hasn't been designed for Tim Tebow to be the unquestioned quarterback in the field for an extended period of time.


However, on the pro side, we could finally see Tebow throw a pass. With his throwing motion repeatedly being questioned, it would have been good to see how his motion responds to the pressure of an actual NFL game. In general, it would have been good to see how he reacts to the speed of a regular season game. Nothing beats actual experience.


Personally, I would have put Tebow into the game to see what he could do as a quarterback instead of as a gimmick in games past.