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Broncos Vs. Raiders: Oakland Leads Denver, 38-7, At Halftime

For all the progress we saw the Broncos make in last week’s game against the Jets, it appears that the Broncos still have failed to learn how to stop the little things from hurting them. Multiple fumbles by the Denver Broncos have turned into points for the Raiders. Kyle Orton threw a pick-six in the first quarter to start digging the Broncos’ hole this game.

The defense has allowed big passing and rushing plays, which Darren McFadden has used to help his return to the field. McFadden has two rushing touchdowns and one receiving touchdown. He has 10 carries for 71 yards.

Kyle Orton is 7-of-17 with 90 yards, a touchdown and an interception. We haven’t seen much from the rushing game as the Broncos have resorted to throwing the ball when they are on the field, a rare thing to view in this game. Kyle Orton leads the team with 21 rushing yards, but also has a fumble. Demaryius Thomas also fumbled the ball and lost it to the Raiders. Knowshon Moreno, who hasn’t turned the ball over, has six rushes for 16 yards.