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NFL Week Six: Jets At Broncos - Darrelle Revis Injury Update

While the Denver Broncos will be without safety Brian Dawkins and linebacker Robery Ayers for this week and longer, the New York Jets are uncertain of cornerback Darrelle Revis’ status for Sunday’s game.

A hamstring injury kept Revis out earlier in the season and it became a problem during Monday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. Head coach Rex Ryan via the Denver Post:

“I wish he would have told me that he felt tightness during the game,” Ryan said. “You know, he felt the leg swelling, but he is such a competitor, he knows we are very competitive in things, but if he wasn’t well, I wish he would have let me know that.”

Kyle Orton and his wide receiving corps would gladly accept a Revis-less Jets team on Sunday, but none of that matters if the Broncos fail to establish a running game.