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Kyle Orton, Denver Broncos Starting Quarterback, Shoulders Heavy Burden With Tim Tebow Around

Denver Broncos starting quarterback Kyle Orton is entrenched at the position at least through 2011, which leaves 2010 first-round draft pick Tim Tebow riding the bench as the second-string quarterback or inactive on Sundays. That's the way it should be with a quarterback who has thrown for 1733 yards through five games and completed 66 percent of his passes. Orton is doing all that he can to help the Broncos win.

So when this question appeared in Mike Klis' latest mailbag, it's grating to read it:

I became a Broncos fan the day they drafted Tim Tebow. I don't care if Kyle Orton throws 10,000 yards this year; if Orton can't put up a W, then replace him with Tebow! Why haven't they put Tebow in? Tebow can run, that's right, RUN the option.
--Lis, Orlando, Fla.

Klis goes on to explain that Orton needed six years to reach this point in his career, showing incredible pocket presence this season. How could Tim Tebow possibly have that with only six months of NFL experience--experience that comes from a couple of plays during regular season and a few drives during the preseason?

Lis from Orlando, Fla. represents all the bad that comes with the Broncos drafting Tim Tebow. It appears as though much of Tebow's fan base moved to Denver with him and so those fans want him to take the field at any cost. This Tebow myopia fails to understand that the Broncos are trying to win with the best players available. Kyle Orton is doing all that he can. It's the failure of the running game and the lack of a solid offensive line that has put the Broncos where they are.

Calling for Tim Tebow to start is the cry of Tebow fans who just happen to be fans of the Broncos because of him. That is not in the best interest of the Broncos. So, while Tim Tebow is probably "not thrilled" about his lack of playing time, as Klis writes later in his mailbag, it's what is best for both him and the Broncos in the long term.