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Rocky Mountain Showdown 2012: Jon Embree, Colorado Ready For Colorado State

Colorado coach Jon Embree is eager to take the next step with the Buffaloes in his second year as coach.

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With the start of the 2012 college football season just days away, Colorado head football coach Jon Embree remains excited about his team's prospects heading into his second full year with the school.

Because by facing in-state rival Colorado State to kick off his team's schedule, Embree knows full well that his kids can pick up a ton of momentum with a season-opening victory. "It makes the first game a little more exciting, a little more bounce in your step, knowing your playing them for your first game," Embree said Tuesday at his weekly press conference. "You know how important it is, both programs want to get off to a good start."

As a former Buffaloes player who knows better than most what the rivalry is all about, Embree is glad that the two fan bases share a mutual respect for one another above all else. "I think this is a fairly civil rivalry," he said. "It is good that our athletes can go out, compete, and then afterwards be good with each other. It is not one of those issues where you have to worry where you are and what part of town you are in."

With Embree looking to rapidly expand his recruiting base in the state to match his counterpart Jim McElwain, the outcome of Saturday's showdown could ultimately have a big impact on future prospects as well. Both programs know this quite well and will each aim to get off on the right foot, meaning that this year's Rocky Mountain Showdown should have no trouble living up to the hype.

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