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2012 Mountain West Media Day: Boise State's Chris Petersen Says Team Has 'A Chip On Our Shoulder'

The Boise State Broncos have turned into America's favorite underdog. Boise State has turned into a dynasty in the Mountain West, regularly running the table and factoring into the National Championship discussion at the end of every year. Quarterback Kellen Moore is gone, but coach Chris Petersen still has a very solid team. The Broncos are ranked No. 22 in the SB Nation poll and are picked to win the conference.

Still, Petersen spent media day on Tuesday talking about how his team needs to win to move up the polls and get more respect. Said Petersen:

Speaking of respect, New Mexico coach Bob Davie sure gave the Broncos some:

SB Nation Denver willhave continued coverage of media day at the Mountain West. Visit Mountain West Connection for more on the conference.

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