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Aurora Shooting: Colorado State Recruit, Zack Golditch, Injured In Early Friday Shooting

Zack Goldtich, an offensive lineman committed to the Colorado St. Rams, was injured in the Aurora movie theater shooting that took the lives of at least 12 people Friday morning. According to the Coloradoan, Golditch was in the neighboring theater when 24-year-old James Holmes entered through an emergency exit and opened fire on the crowd.

According to Golditch, he did not realize he had been shot:

"It was at the scene of the movie where a firearm was pulled and shots were fired. It kind of sounded like black cats went off," said Golditch ... "Everyone kind of looked around the theater and this guy had like a hole in his arm. Everyone just thought they were firecrackers so we turned back to the movie, and that’s when my ears started ringing and I fell on my friend. I was fearful of another firecracker coming to hit me."

But fortunately for Golditch, the bullet did not cause any major damage:

"[The bullet] just went in one side and out the other. I also have a pretty deep cut from where it hit," he said. "There was no serious damage at all. Luckily for me, it missed everything. It’s a blessing."

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