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KTVD 20 Will Broadcast 9 Colorado State Football Games, According To A Report

The Colorado St. Rams have been able to land nine more of their football games on television. That means that all 12 of their games will be shown on television. However, the remaining nine games will be shown locally on KTVD 20.

Colorado State athletic director Jack Graham had been working with Altitude and ROOT Sports to broadcast their games to a larger regional audience, but that did not work out. Even landing the games on local television is a win according to Graham:

"Nine of our football games will be on Channel 20. That's a big success, in my opinion. So, we were able to solve our problem ourselves without the assistance of the conference."

Allowing the local fan to see the game is great, but it does not allow fans who live on the outside of the Front Range will not be able to see these game. Even though The Mtn. has closed down it did allow for basically every game to be broadcast, and with that gone no one outside the area can see Colorado State football.

Also, landing nine games includes three road games which are against the Wyoming Cowboys, San Diego St. Aztecs and Air Force Falcons means that those games are more than likely not going to be picked by a regional or national carrier.

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