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Colorado State Football: Nordly Capi Blames Media For CSU Expulsions

A recently-expelled member of the Colorado St. Rams football team, Nordly Capi, has taken a particular displeasure at the university's handling of their situation, according to the Rocky Mountain Collegian:

"I mostly feel like we’ve been mistreated," Capi said. "It was an unfair decision and I was disappointed by the way the university handled the whole decision."

Capi is saying the media caused the school's decision to expel him and two other members of the team -- Mike Orakpo (brother of Cincinnati Bengals' Brian Orakpo) and J.D. Haley. The three players were involved in an off-campus altercation and later drew drug-related charges during an investigation of their home.

The CSU athletics program reacted quickly, expelling the three players, and judging by the school-wide email sent from athletic director Jack Graham, it still stands by its decision:

"As an (athletics director), I want to make it absolutely clear that we have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior by our student athletes," said Jack Graham, CSU athletics director in an email to the campus community. " … I cannot guarantee that our student-athletes will not use illegal substances, whether recreational or performance enhancing –– I wish I could. I can tell you, however, that I am committed, as are all of our coaches and Athletic Department staff, to drug-free athletics and athletes."

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