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2012 Mountain West Football TV Schedule: Colorado State Lands Only A Single Game

There were plenty of fans who disliked the Mtn. network for their lack of distribution, high definition and announcing crews. However, the one big plus was that basically every college football game would be shown on television. Now with the Mtn. gone one of the teams to take the biggest hit is the Colorado St. Rams who have only onaae game broadcast on a national basis.

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That one game comes on the road against the Boise St. Broncos on Saturday Nov. 17 on NBC Sports Network. Now, had the Mtn. still been around every home game was likely to be shown and at worst five of the six, but now just the one game.

The opening game against the Colorado Buffaloes will be on television since it is the Buffs year as the rights holder and that game will more than likely be on one of the Pac-12 Networks.

As for the rest of the games, CBS Sports owns the rights and can still shop them to other networks.

Here is a quote from the press release regarding additional games:

"This is the first phase of plans for the 2012-13 academic year," said Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson. "We are working with CBS Sports Network and member institutions to map out regional and local plans for the remaining 2012 football inventory. We anticipate announcing additional telecasts from these efforts in the coming weeks."

So, there is a chance that more games could be broadcast either on a local level or even the possibility of putting more games on ESPN or another network such as Fox Sports or Altitude.

This obviously can not make Colorado State fans feel too happy from going from seeing nearly every game on television to the possibility only two. So for those who criticized the Mtn. network are probably wishing that it was still around.

The one huge omission is the Border War game against the Wyoming Cowboys which currently is not slated to be on national television.

Stay tuned to SB Nation Denver and Mountain West Connection for more updates. Head to SB Nation College Football for more in-depth coverage of the 2012 NCAA college football season.