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Colorado State Football 2012: Mike Orakpo Denies Fight Charge, Drug Allegations

Colorado State football player Mike Orakpo is one of three Rams players accused of assault by J.D. Haley and Donny Gocha, who are freshmen at the university. Haley and Gocha claimed they were beaten up for no reason in an altercation on April 6. Additionally, the police report from the incident included a note about the possible use of anabolic steroids and marijuana by the players.

On Sunday, Orakpo denied all of the allegations and Orakpo's attorney, Erik Fischer, commented on the situation.

Gocha started the fight, attacking Orakpo, who "just held on and tried to prevent himself from being hit," Fischer said. "My client's friends came to his aid, and Mr. Gocha's friends came to his aid."

Orakpo denies there were any drugs in his room, and Fischer called the drug allegations "made-up (stuff) from the Fort Collins Police Department."

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Orakpo has been suspended indefinitely by CSU head coach Jim McElwain.

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