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Colorado State Football 2012: Spring Practice Sees Position Changes, 3-4 Defense

Colorado St. Rams head coach Jim McElwain continues his first spring practice as the man in charge, and he's already moved players around, reports the Coloradoan. At 6 feet 3 and 300 pounds, Alex Tucci had been an offensive lineman, but he has been switched to the other side of the line and has practiced as the noseguard.

What that means is, Colorado State will use a 3-4 defensive scheme with three defensive lineman and four linebackers playing in the front seven. Though McElwain was the offensive coordinator for the Alabama Crimson Tide, he is no stranger to the 3-4 defense since his offense practiced against the team's 3-4 setup.

Broderick Sargent and Davis Burl are switching to linebacker from the defensive line and John Froland and Zach Tiedgen will move from the interior of the defensive line to defensive end. Both in the 6 feet 5 and 260 pounds range, they will now attack from the edge.

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