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Colorado State Basketball Coaching Search: Tim Miles Could Be Taking Key Staffers With Him To Nebraska

The Colorado St. Rams men's basketball program is looking for a new head coach after Tim Miles left the school after five seasons to take over the Nebraska Cornhuskers' program, and now it appears they could have some additional voids to fill. Kelly Lyell of the Fort Collins Coloradoan relays that there are rumors coming from Nebraska that Tim Miles will be bringing assistant coach Ron Coleman and director of operations Jayden Olson with him to Lincoln.

Over at SB Nation's Nebraska athletics blog, Corn Nation, they are already thinking about about the structure of the new staff that will be built around Miles:

In Saturday's press conference, Miles was asked about who his assistants would be. "I haven't made any decisions of any kind on that."

Ok. So, again, he was asked about his staff, and more specifically about Mr. Coleman. Miles tried to play coy, saying, "I've thought a lot about my staff, I'm just not telling you"

But he let this slip "Have you ever met him? He's a blast. He's a great guy, we just have to work it out."

At this point, Nebrasketball fans ears have perked up like a dog who hears something interesting, yet unfamiliar with their head at full attention, cockeyed staring at the TV. Wait, we could get this guy too? Good things don't happen like this for Nebraska hoops. We haven't had connections like this in a long time, maybe ever, but yet, he wasn't actually here yet.

As for the Rams, AD Jack Graham will use a search firm to find the school's next head coach.

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