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Colorado State AD Jack Graham Says, 'Those Who Are Cynical About Our Future Are Wrong'

Colorado St. Rams athletic director Jack Graham has been pushing hard for a new on-campus stadium for the Colorado State football team to be built by 2014, but he is also serious about a culture change in the athletic department as well. After receiving a five-year contract back in December, Graham has been aggressive and assertive in every aspect of his job.

To open 2012, he started on the defensive and quickly jumped to the offensive about changing the culture at Colorado State in his message to the students:

"...the Denver Post suggested that, even with a new football coach, we would be content to have a .500 football team, and the Collegian commented that our proposal to build an on-campus stadium is a great idea, but something that will fade when 'reality sets in.'

I guess I have a different view. As your new Athletic Director, I don't intend to settle for mediocrity in anything. We are committed to excellence -- and to more than just 'thinking big.' We are committed to making things happen.

... I say without hesitation that those who are cynical about our future are wrong: I will not settle for .500. Our coaches will not settle for .500. Coach Mac wants to win every game, Tom Hilbert has never settled for anything less than excellence and Tim Miles and our other fine coaches have us on a great path. I expect to win every game in every sport in which CSU competes."

Apparently there will be no excuses for failure under Jack Graham, and that has to be considered a good thing for every fan of Colorado State athletics.

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