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Colorado State Recruiting: Jim McElwain's Appearance In BCS Title Game Could Help Land Commits

With the 2012 BCS National Championship Game over and the Alabama Crimson Tide the No. 1 team in the nation, Jim McElwain is no longer the Tide's offensive coordinator. He will now be the new Colorado St. Rams head football coach, nearly one month after he was hired.

McElwain had just a few days to recruit before a blackout date began, but now he can take the final few weeks before National Signing and attempt to use the pull of his Alabama offense against LSU to draw in recruits to Fort Collins. As John Henderson over at the Denver Post believes, a spike in recruiting could occur because of this:

Starting in the second half, Jim McElwain and CSU were mentioned in the same sentence on the broadcast about a dozen times. Maybe I’m overestimating the power of television but I have to think that will have an effect in homes of Valor Christian and Mullen athletes, not to mention every household in Texas, Florida and California.

Selling recruits on coming to Fort Collins will be difficult given the short time McElwain has to do so, but all it could take to start a recruiting pipeline of top athletes is one top high schooler to say, "Yes, Coach McElwain, I want to help you build Colorado State into a top program."

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