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Colorado State Suspends James Skelton, Zach Tidgen For One Game For Pool Party Incident

The mega-pool party that featured approximately 3,000 - 4,000 people at a Colorado Springs apartment complex resulted in senior starting linebacker James Skelton and junior nose tackle reserve Zach Tiedgen being arrested and they are now suspended for this weekend's game. Skelton is charged with third-degree assault, but Fort Collins police have recommended the charge be changed and reduced to a harassment charge. Tiedgen was charged with disorderly conduct.

Head coach Steve Fairchild was waiting for all the details before making a decision on penalties, and now that he has those detailes announced his punishment which will be a one-game suspension:

"Based on all the information we've been able to gather to date, I'm suspending James Skelton and Zach Tiedgen from tomorrow's game for their role in the Aug. 27 incident," Fairchild said.

This weekend's game is against Northern Colorado; the two players will not be missed since the Rams should be able to win this game relatively easy.