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Mychal Sisson Recovering Well From Fractured Ankle, Could Return In November

Colorado State linebacker Mychal Sisson suffered a fractured right ankle on a punt return two weeks ago against Northern Colorado. He was expected to be out anywhere from 6-8 weeks to the the entire season. Sisson had surgery to repair his ankle and even though the injury was only two weeks ago, his ankle is healing on time. There is hope that he will back on the field this season:

"Well there's hope, there's certainly hope," Fairchild said. "I'd like nothing better than for our football team, but more importantly for Myke to get a chance his senior year to play another snap of the football. So hopefully that can happen."

Colorado State has two bye weeks ahead of them so that will allow extra time for Sisson to get back onto the field. The best-case scenario for Sisson's return would be the Oct. 29 game against UNLV. That would be six weeks from his injury. The more likely scenario is the Nov. 19 game against San Diego State game and that would put Sisson nine weeks out from when he suffered his injury.