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Colorado State Vs. Utah State: Rams Defeat Aggies, 35-34, In Double Overtime

Despite being out played and out gained in Saturday night's game, Colorado State defeated Utah State in double overtime, 35-34. In the first overtime period Utah State used running back Robert Turbin to get the touchdown, in fact Turbin ran the ball three times to account for all 25 yards.

Colorado State then responded by using the same Utah State philosophy by running Chris Nwoke on each play--except for the seven yard touchdown pass to Crockett Gillmore. Then in overtime Colorado State was on offense again and scored on two plays. They were assisted by a pass interference call that went against Utah State. Colorado State scored on a two0yard Chris Nwoke run.

Utah State also responded in the second overtime by again using running back Robert Turbin, who ran 25 yards on one play. Then Utah State decided to go for two and the win. Utah State elected to run Turbin, but instead of running up the middle, the play was an outside run that Colorado State was able to stop.

Colorado State was out played by Utah State, but the Rams got the win and that is all what matters. However it does help that Utah State turned the ball over four times and the biggest turnover was the muffed punt at the end of the fourth quarter. The Rams used that to score a touchdown, forcing overtime.