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Colorado State Vs. Utah State: Rams Tie Game On Two-Point Conversion To Force Overtime

The Colorado St. Rams trailed nearly the entire game against the Utah St. Aggies and the Ram offense has underperformed all day. Colorato State has not been able to move the ball well against Utah State defense, and the reason that Colorado State is in this game is because of four turnovers by Utah State.

Colorado State's Pete Thomas has only 100 yards passing on 14-for-26 passing and the running game has not done much either as they have 92 yards so far with Raymond Carter leading Colorado State with 69 yards.

On Colorado State's final drive they were moving the ball well in the passing game, but two personal foul penalties pushed Colorado State to a 4th and 30 at the Utah State 49 yard line, so Colorado State decided to punt the ball and use their timeouts to try to get the ball back.

However, on the punt Utah State's Eric Moats called a fair catch, but had to dive and fumbled the punt and Colorado State's Tanner Hedstrom recovered the fumbled. The Rams then went down and scored a touchdown on a Chris Nwoke one-yard touchdown run. Then Colorado State went on to make the two-point conversion to tie the game at 21 after a false start penalty.