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Steve Fairchild Awaiting All Facts Before Handing Down Punishment To James Skelton, Zach Tiedgen

Colorado State starting linebacker James Skelton who was arrested for a third-degree assault charge during a massive pool party that contained anywhere from 3,000 - 4,000 people over the past weekend and he is still practicing and taking all the first team reps in preparation for the New Mexico game this weekend. While junior defensive tackle Zach Tiedgen has been seen at the practice field, but he has not participated due to an unspecified injury he suffered over the weekend, presumably one he suffered from the pool party.

However, head coach Steve Fairchild has said that he is waiting to get all the information before he hands down any punishment:

"When we get all of the information in then it'll be appropriate at that point in time to make a decision," Fairchild said on Wednesday.

Asked if he thought a decision and subsequent announcement would come by Saturday's game, Fairchild said, "I'll expect it when I get all of the information. We'll hold him accountable. I just want to make sure we have everything there is to know about it. When I know it we'll make a decision."

So as of this update, the two players are on track to play Saturday against the New Mexico Lobos.