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Former Colorado State Ram Andy Ogide To Play Professional Basketball In Spain

Former Colorado State Ram forward Andy Ogide was not taken in the NBA Draft and since the league is in a lockout there was no chance for Ogide to land on a team as a rookie free agent.

Playing in the NBA in 2011 not an option, so Ogide is heading to Europe and has landed a contract with the spanish basketball club Breogán which plays in the Liga Española de Baloncesto which is the second league within the Spanish basketball system. The details of his contract were not disclosed.

Ogide is glad to be heading to Spain and continue his professional basketball career:

"I am very excited to begin my professional career in such a great country and a very good league. The competition in Spain is very good as the top league in Spain it is considered the 2nd best league in the world besides the NBA. I am really comfortable with the decision I made, and although I didn't really get my shot at the NBA this year, I know I'll get it next year."

The LEB season begins in early October.