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Colorado State's Zach Tiedgen, James Skelton Arrested At Mega Pool Party

A large Fort Collins pool party led to the arrests of two Colorado State football players, including starter James Skelton.

A massive Colorado Springs apartment pool party complex attracted approximately 2,000 people, and with that amount of people there is bound for trouble to happen. The party was promoted via Facebook and Twitter which brought the masses to the party and it resulted in multiple arrests and sent 10 people to the local hospital:

The party ended early, however, after 10 people were treated and transported by Poudre Valley Hospital EMS workers for conditions ranging from alcohol-related illnesses to lacerations, according to a hospital spokeswoman. Four Colorado State University students also were ticketed, including two members of the football team.

The two football players that were arrested were starting junior linebacker James Skelton and reserve defensive lineman Zach Tiedgen. The massive pool party was well out of hand before the police arrived on the scene according to a Colorado State student.

Video also surfaced from this party and shows just how big and crazy the party was and for the amount of people it is somewhat amazing that there were only four arrests and 10 people were taken to the hospital.

(Video contains suggestive language)

Tiedgen and Skelton did practice Monday and head coach Steve Fairhchild is aware of the situation:

"I heard about it over the weekend," Fairchild said at his weekly Monday press conference. "We are gathering information and when it's appropriate, we will comment.

No punishment has been handed down as of yet, but expect something  to be handed down toward the two players.