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Former Colorado State Forward Andy Ogide Invited To Nigerian National Team Training Camp

Former Colorado State forward Andy Ogide knew getting selected in the NBA Draft was a long shot, but he is hoping to be picked up by a team to join their summer league rosteras an undrafted free agent.

However, with the NBA most likely heading toward a lockout, Ogide may not get the chance to tryout for a NBA team this year and most likely will pursue a professional basketball career overseas for at least a year.

While making it to the NBA is his ultimate goal, Ogide has bigger dreams in the short-term which is to land a spot on the Nigerian men's national team and participate in the 2012 London Olympic games. Ogide has dual citizenship since he was born in the United States and both of his parents were born in Nigeria. He has been invited to their training camp in July, but Nigeria still needs to qualify for the Olympics.

If Ogide makes it to the Olympics he will be the third player from Colorado State to play basketball in the Olympics. The other two are Canadian David Turcotte who played in the 1992 games and the other is the Becky Hammon who is well-known for opting to play for Russia in the 2008 games after becoming a naturalized Russian citizen.