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Colorado State Has Worst Offensive Performance Ever

The Colorado St. Rams are in the midst of spring football practice and while it is a time for learning and the team will struggle at times.

Head coach Steve Fairchild may have over reacted when he called Saturday's performance by the offense the worst he has seen at Colorado State:

''To me, that's as bad an offensive practice as we've had in four years,'' fourth-year coach Steve Fairchild said after this morning's session at Hughes Stadium.

''They couldn't line up right, they couldn't stay in their stance. There were probably 25 offsides penalties. We didn't catch the ball, we didn't throw the ball. We didn't do a thing right offensively today.''

Well, that is not good, but Fairchild may be spot on from Saturday's performance.

The offense had players lining up in the wrong spots, multiple false start penalties by the receivers, the quarterbacks could not hit their receivers and when they did get the pass on target the passes were dropped.

The defense should be given some credit for the offensive struggles and the standout defensive player of the day was junior defensive end Broderick Sargent who had five tackles, two for a loss and a sack.

Good thing for the Ram offense that it is still only spring and they have a little over four months to get their offense running smoothly.