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VIDEO: Former Colorado St. Ram Joel Dreessen Catches Matt Leinart TD Pass

Matt Leinart's NFL career has veered far off course from what he would have liked. Touchdowns passes for the Houston Texans starting quarterback have been rare throughout his career, outside of the 11 he had as a rookie in 2006.

So, a Leinart touchdown pass is a bit of a mythic thing. Did it really happen? Only if you were there. And, well, we have video of it here. What makes it more amazing is that former Colorado St. Rams tight end Joel Dreessen caught it. Check it out below.

Leinart drops back and fakes the handoff while a Jacksonville Jaguars defender is pressuring Leinart on the open side of the field. That's when Leinart spots Dreessen at about the 10 yard line and fires one off to him. Dreessen then sheds a tackle and finds his way into the endzone for the 20-yard touchdown.

Maybe the Dreessen touchdown is a bit more mythic than a Leinart touchdown. That was just the 11th of Dreessen's career.