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Will Last Regular Game In Texas Hurt Colorado State Recruiting The Area?

Every school wants to recruit the state of Texas, because of the sheer quantity and talent in the area, and since 2005 when the TCU Horned Frogs joined the Mountain West the Colorado St. Rams have been able to tell recruits that they could play in Texas twice in their college football career. Colorado State makes their last regular trip to Texas as they play TCU on Saturday before they head of to the Big 12 next year. 

Colorado State currently has 22 players on the roster form Texas on their roster and that might decrease with not a regular game in Texas, and head coach Steve Fairchild agrees with that sentiment:

"You'd like to play some games down there," CSU coach Steve Fairchild said. "I know we have Texas San-Antonio coming on non-conference. You hope maybe the league aligns and gets somebody, a Houston or SMU or something. But yeah, it would be nice to play down there because it's a good area for us to recruit."


"You could say that, but I don't know that that's going to be entirely true," he said. "It's just good high school football, and there's enough players that if we evaluate right we'll good players out of there. But it would be a benefit if we could play games down there, no question."

Colorado State will always have some recruiting presence in Texas, but it will likely be trimmed down. However with new members Fresno State and Hawaii joining the Mountain West next year, that will open up a new part of California and the whole state of Hawaii to recruit from.