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Urban Meyer, Rumored To Be Ohio State Coach, Once Coached WRs At Colorado State

While there are rumors floating around that Urban Meyer is set to become the Ohio St. Buckeyes head coach (and apparently text message denials by Meyer himself), let's not forget that he once coached the wide receivers for the Colorado St. Rams from 1990-95. He used that to step over to Notre Dame for the same position before he began his meteoric rise from Bowling Green Falcons head coach to Utah Utes head coach and then, finally, to the Florida Gators.

Of course, if these rumors turn out to be true, anyone with some far-out notion that the Denver Broncos should somehow bring Urban Meyer to the Mile High City will be sorely disappointed. I mean, remember when people speculated that the Broncos should hire Meyer back in late December and early January right after he left Florida due to health and family reasons?

But the Urban Meyer rumor mill continues to grind on.