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Boise State Vs. Colorado: Kellen Moore In Good Position To Pick Up 44th Career Victory

Barring a complete collapse by the Boise St. Broncos over the remaining seven games (eight with a bowl game), quarterback Kellen Moore will establish a new NCAA career wins record at his position. He currently stands at 43 and is just two away from tying the current record holder, former Texas Longhorn Colt McCoy. McCoy went 45-8 in his career while Moore is 43-2 so far.

If all goes as planned for the Broncos, Moore should have no issues with picking up wins 44 and 45 over the next two weeks. Colorado State doesn't offer a great challenge, but the Air Force Falcons could frustrate them in two weeks. It will be the first game between the two teams and it will be at Falcon Stadium. Still, we can chalk that victory for Moore on the board at the moment. More than likely, he will then hold the record himself with a victory over UNLV on Nov. 5.

For college football trivia, remember that two Colorado schools eventually gave way to Kellen Moore's new NCAA wins record.

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