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Colorado State Vs. San Jose State: Rams Trail Spartans, 24-14, At The Half

Colorado State's offense is struggling quite a bit this afternoon and are making San Jose State look like a ranked team; they have outplayed Colorado State whereas the Rams have shown no intensity during this first half.

A big issue for the Rams has been the running game, which has 32 rushing yards as a team. The San Jose State defensive line is dominating the Rams offensive line and stopping rushing plays before they can even develop. Plus, the rushing game allowed San Jose State to score an odd touchdown. Chris Nwoke fumbled the ball at the Rams 20 yard line, which the Spartan defense scooped up. After two laterals Duke Ihenacho found the end zone. 

The only positive on the offense has come from the passing game and quarterback Pete Thomas, who is 15-for-20 for 197 yards, two scores and one pick. Thomas is being patient and efficient and has thrown to nine different receivers, but for the Rams to make a come back they need someone in the running game to balance out the passing performance.

San Jose scored first in this game and moved down the field in a brisk 2:44 on seven plays covering 77 yards. They scored on a 12 yard run by Brandon Rutley. In the first half Rutley has been running all over the Ram defense with 104 yards so far and he scored the other offensive Ram touchdown.

Colorado State got on the board by a 41-yard touchdown pass to Lou Greenwood and then a late score in the second quarter by another connection between Thomas and Greenwood, a 25-yard touchdown pass to close out the half, 24-14.

Colorado State will need to find a way to slow down the Spartan rushing attack and find one for themselves if they want to get back in this game.