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Colorado State Starts The Rivalry Smack Talk Toward Wyoming

Colorado State and Wyoming have been playing against each other in football for 102 years with the winner getting the coveted Bronze Boot. With every rivalry comes the smack  talk and Colorado State has fired up their first zinger:

"You could go ahead and quote it. I will be the first person to grab the boot after winning this game. It's my last game. What the heck?"

That came from Ram linebacker Ricky Brewer, who did not play in last year's loss to Wyoming due to an unspecified year-long suspension.  

Then there is this by former Ram quarterback Kelly Stouffer who is lecturing Wyoming quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels about to not blame others for your bad game:

ACS needs to keep his mouth shut. ... ACS, listen to me, as a leader on your team, you can call yourself out and blame yourself like [Utah's] Jordan Wynn did after their last two tough losses. He put it on his shoulders. You can call yourself out, but don't call your coaches out and don't call your teammates out. A quarterback has to lead by example first. You're the face of the program, or at least you want to be, you have to do the right thing. That was not the right thing.

Looks like it is Wyoming's turn to provide a little smack talk. However, they own the ultimate trump card as they won last year's game and have control of the Bronze Boot.